Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Well, nothing much has been happening around here, except work and getting ready for my senior recital and for a violin quartet. Also, John came home for his two week vacation from TAC, and it's been great having him back. His being here, it makes me feel a lot of different things, but mostly a sort of homesickness for TAC, and a sad feeling that I won't be at college with him next year, but I'm very, very excited to be off to UD this fall. I know that I'm going to have a great year, and as always, I trust in the will of God for my future. We'll see...

Whenever I have a spare minute or two, I'm usually outside or reading. I recently finished a Willa Cather spree, which consisted of My Antonia, O Pioneers, and The Song of the Lark. All of them were remarkable, great books to read anytime. After that I tried 1984, by George Orwell, but after the first few chapters, I just couldn't stick with it. I'll try to pick it up again later, but another reason I stopped was that I was really excited to start Kristin Lavransdatter, by Sigrid Undset. I've read the first two books before, but got lost in the third. So far so good this time. It's really an amazing book with its imagery and realistic medieval Norwegian setting.

I have quite an extensive list for the rest of the summer, so I'll update you as soon as I read more.

Let me know what you're all up to this summer!

God bless.


riskitall said...

Well, let me tell you what I'm up to this summer Sarah... wait, you already know!


Publius said...


Have you ever read "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley? I had a hard time sticking with '1984' as well but I found BNW to be a much easier read. Plus I think it's a far more realistic scenario of totalitarian governments of the future. ;-)