Sunday, July 20, 2008

Back After a Long Absence

It has been a long time, but I haven't forgotten about this blog. I intended to post more often in Rome, but our time there was nearly completely filled. Every now and then I'll try to throw in a story or two, or talk about a particular experience, but the best way to hear about Rome from me would be to send me an email and ask questions! Or if I get questions in the comments box I'll also try to answer those. Because I don't think I could capture Rome in a blog, even if I had as much time as I wanted. I hope that everyone who desires to experience Rome will have the opportunity, because it is definitely something that I could talk forever about, but never really get across to anyone except those people who have experienced it for themselves.

A quick update on what's been happening since then: I flew from Rome to Los Angeles on May 9th for my older brother's graduation on the 10th, then back home for a brief break , followed by Totus Tuus training and 6 weeks of camp so far. I have two more weeks left, then August I plan to fill with working at home, teaching the younger siblings and getting ready to start my junior year at UD.

So now, a little over two months after the end of the Rome semester, I return to throw in, every now and then, my small, quiet opinion of whatever happens to strike me. I have a feeling I'll be writing for my own sake most of the time, but maybe with a little advertising I'll get a few comments every now and then.

I'm excited to get back into the world of blogging. It's hard to believe that I've been at it for almost three years. Thanks for hanging in there!

Coming next: summer movie reviews

God Bless