Monday, January 09, 2006

A Poem

by Mary Fabyan Windeatt

There was a bride (the Gospel goes),
But whom she married no one knows;
Or if indeed she ever had
A likely lad.

Yet does it matter if she be
A shadow in antiquity?
That no man knows her height and weight
Or what she ate?

For of all brides who are, and were,
No one has ever equalled her-
That misty maid from the East
Who gave a feast.

Who was so gracious that the Lord
Came down to grace her wedding board;
To wrest the wine from the water
And woo a daughter.

Alas, that modern brides are girls
In satins and synthetic curls-
That no man dreams on Cana's child,
Who sipped...and smiled.

I thought that this was an interesting poem that goes with the Gospel from this past Saturday (and the Second Luminous Mystery). I was actually working on a short story about the wedding feast at Cana when I first read this.

God Bless


riskitall said...

Yeeha! First post again!

This poem is beautiful! I really like the story, of course, but I also like the kind of rhyming, if you know what I mean. It's just pretty.
Sarah, will you post your story, or part of it? I LOVED your other one, about Manny...
Well, we started the old school grind back up. I'm studying the civil war. Life is beautiful, as always. Oh yes, and confirmation is going well. We talked about the Eucharist on Sunday and my meeting leader had very interesting things to say. I'm getting very excited!
I'll shut up now. *loud cheering in the background*

riskitall said...

John- OH MY GOSH! You play guitar????????? And you never even TOLD ME??????? Tell me if this is true! Oh, and if I can do all those things, then so can you!

Hmmm, give away my secret identity? I don't know... lol. Yeah, I'm Sarah's sister Jen/Virginia/weird one from Kansas. Sarah has told me a lot about you! It's a plesure!

Sorry for the double posting! I didn't read the comments on the family post 'cause I saw this new post so I had to be the first one and now I'm writing this extra long sentence and my sister just dropped a stapler on her foot and I'm going to cry seeing her cry. WHEW! Sorry, I'll get back on later. Time for family rosary!

Publius said...

Ah, Mary Windeatt, I grew up reading her books on the saints. Fantastic author...

If your story is anything like the one about the crucifixion that Virginia mentioned, I think we'll all like it.

Oh, I love the civil war, what period of it are you studying?

Yes, I play guitar, and you never asked. ;-) I hear you're quite an accomplished violinist yourself!

Have any of you ever heard of someone named Phil Keaggy?

riskitall said...

All of it, I'm studying all of it. I just finished studying the westward expansion.
Well, that is really neat that you play. What kind of music do you like to play? And I've nver heard of Phil Keaggy. Should I have?
Haha, who told you I was accomplished???? I do love playing, though. I'm so lucky!
It's late, I need to go to bed.

Publius said...

Ah, the cause is more interesting than anything else. Guess where my sympathies lie. ;-)

My main forte is Classical/Spanish guitar but I do dabble in Acoustic and Electric as well.

Probably not, I just went to see him in concert last night and he was really good. He's probably the best Christian rock guitarist in the world. I'm not usually a huge fan of that type of music, but I'll always come out to see a virtuoso.

Haha, your sister did. ;-)

It's an hour later here too, which means it's like 11:30...ah well

Brownthing said...

Windeatt is a most delightful author. I too grew up on her saints books. I THINK we have the whole collection. At least most of it. But I didn't know she wrote poetry.

Excellent food for thought and meditation. Thanks for sharing, Sarah! ;)

Brownthing said...

Ah. Nice to meet you, Jen/Virginia/weird one from Kansas!

Last person I met from Kansas, er, besides your sister, was uber cool. But he's in Rome now. I need a Kansas fix! A DOUBLE DOSE OF KANSAS FIX!! YEEEEHAW!!!

Brownthing said...

Pfft, John! And what's wrong with being sucked into my web of friends? Eh? Eh? EH?!!
Don't listen to him, Sarah's sister Jen/Virginia/weird one from Kansas who's been told alot about me. He's just SELFISH and doesn't want to SHARE.
(From a different point of view, he may just be a gallant knight trying to protect whatever sanity you still cling to. Sanity doesn't last long around me. But with such a big family I daresay you're hardly susceptible to the general opinion regarding sanity. I don't know about sanitation, though. The levels of sanitation vary tremendously from large family to large family.)

riskitall said...

Well, if he is a gallant knight trying to protect my sanity, I'm afraid it is far too late, though I do thank him for his attempt. lol.
It is nice to finally 'speak' with you, Vortex. And I don't think I mind having another friend. In fact I DON'T! Haha, and it's my plesure to give you a 'double dose of KS fix'!
Sir Hall- well, I greatly admire guitar players/musicians in general. And I am not a huge fan of Christian rock (mainly because I don't listen that often) but also, whenever I DO hear it, it is usually at such a high volume that I want to... well, I won't say here. But have you ever heard the song 'Jesus Freak'? I love it. Love it love it. I hear it quite a bit (maybe too much) but, it is a great song nonetheless.
Concerning the civil war... I'm afraid I don't process information very quickly at times, so, the learning is slow going. I love history though... along with religion, and of course music! I am also learning Spanish and, yes, that most beloved of all languages, LATIN! And I hope to do sign language as well.
This is, I think my longest post ever, so I am going to post this and switch to another...

riskitall said...

Just one last thing... concerning big families... hmmm, I don't know what our sanitation level is. I guess it depends on the day, the time of day, and how much sleep we have gotten in the past few days. Perhaps Sarah, you can help me on this. I am having difficulty because I am usually SO insane, that I have no clue. lol.

Does anyone just spontaneously start laughing at any given point of the day?

Brownthing said...

*raises hand*

spontaneously during the night, too.

seacb said...

Spontaneous laughter is always the best. Like you can always tell when someone is faking it, you know?

Anyway, our sanitation level is hovering above nil, what with school starting again this week. : )

Publius said...

LOL, big shocker there, Christa.

Yeah I've heard Jesus Freak, don't you just love those songs you can't stop listening to even though you've lost count of how many times you've heard it?

Ah, Spanish has ironically ruined my Latin. It's useful though, especially in my neck of the woods.

I'm glad I've acheived some degree of admiration from someone. ;-)

Gallant knight? Wow, I've never been so flattered...Does this mean I have to live up to it? hahaha

Y'all just started school again? That was a massive Christmas break you had!

riskitall said...

At night is when I am worst. Like, every little thing cracks me up!

I think every guy has to live up to 'Gallant Knight' status. :) Truly.

Yeah, our break was what? 3 weeks long? What about you? Did you get a break???? ;)
Wow, look how short this post is!

Oh, has anyone seen the movie 'Crash'? I know that Sarah has... I really want to see it.

Publius said...

Well I suppose I have my marching orders now! I'll work on earning it...

I decided to just take Christmas week off on account of how late I started.

Haven't seen Crash yet, one of these days...

Pax! John

Sporticus said...

Hey everyone!
i'm back! thought i'd finally forgotten about you all eh? :+

We actually have Crash recorded, I don't know why. I don't know enough about it to really want to see it.

Sarah, that book you gave me for Christmas is awesome. Thanks!

I just had a cool idea. What if we all started a blog together? We could write about books, movies, politics, our weird personalities (Jen's might be a little freaky)(j/k), etc.
What'd y'all think? (KS lingo)
Pax everyone!

Da' Mikester

Publius said...

Cool, glad you're back, it was starting to get boring around here without ya!

That would be pretty sweet Michael, I'm in. Is everybody else interested? Or, whatch y'all gon' do? (FL lingo)

Dominus Vobiscum, John

JB said...

cool poem Sarah.

And I met your SP roommate. She's pretty cool.

God Bless

seacb said...

Crash is awesome. If you can stand the profanity y'all should watch it.

Michael, your idea about a group blog is great! Yeah, we could write about movies we see or books we read, or about the crazy stuff in the news, local and worldwide. Are any of you following the Alito story? It's pretty interesting. Anyway, are you going to start it up and then email us? Just let us know...

And have you read (or started) the book? It's one of John's (B), my dad'd, and my favorite books. I am in the middle of reading it for the 6th or 7th time. I'm getting together some artwork from it for my next post.

Great to hear from you all. Take care.

Sporticus said...

hey sarah,
sure, I'll get it started and send out the notice to invite you guys as members.

What should we call it? What should be its address. I need those ideas before I start it.

Yeah, I've been following his hearings, and the talk about him everywhere. If we can get him with Roberts, we will have set the stage to fix the abortion problem. It'll take time though.

Yeah, I started it on Sunday. I've had trouble getting away from it since. I'm at the part where Orpheo is imitating a "professor" in Alessandro's college.

The only time I can read it is before bed. haha, I reading other stuff the rest of the day.


Sporticus said...

I'm talking about Alito in my third "paragraph". I noticed I only used "he".

So John (H.), what are you reading in the third quarter? My mom and I just went through a summary of what I'll be reading next year. It looks awesome! I think I'm going to read the anti-federalist papers during the summer so I get both sides of the debate.

riskitall said...

John H, if it was getting boring, you should have told us!

Ok, I haven't read 'soldier of the great war' yet. I'm told I should...

John B. Hey, how are you? How was starting back to school?

OOOHHH!!!! I am so in on the blog deal!!! And what is so freaky about my personality??? Personally, I like being odd and being me. I must say, my posts would probably be a bit strange, but... tsk tsk! And what is with all this 'lingo' stuff? Can't you guys talk gooder?
So, anyways, I'm defintely in if you want me Michael... if you have second thoughts, I'll try to understand. ;)

Sporticus said...

No second thoughts, Jen. ;}
I was just giving you trouble earlier.

Hey, the world would be boring without me. Y'all (KS lingo) would be black and white without me.

Anyway, I just need people to say what they want the blog to be called. Suggestions?

Let me know here or on my email.

seacb said...

I was thinking about something that had to do with JPII and youth, along those lines. Or maybe a title of a F. O'Conner short story, like 'The Life You Save May Be Your Own,' or 'Everything That Rises Must Converge.' Random, I know. Maybe even a song title, like 'Hanging by a Moment,' or 'All That You Can't Leave Behind' (okay, not a song title but close enough).

Who's talking about weird personalities? Hey, we'll all add our own unique touch to the blog.

Oh, and I as reading the 'gallant knight' comments earlier, and I totally agree with Jen. Double true.

Brownthing said...

Consecrated Bovines! is an excellent blog title.

Too bad I already have it.

Publius said...

oh my gosh, so much catching up to do, ok:


Yeah I've been following the Alito hearings and I followed the Roberts hearing as well. I think we can all comment pretty well on politics, culture, literature, and religion well enough. I think with four of us contributing we should be able to keep a pretty lively forum going.

Well I have a job, and I don't think any movie could match the amount of profanity I have to put up with every time I go to work, so I don't think it should be a problem.

I totally agree about the whole knight deal by the way, I'm working on it!


Oh you're gonna love 'Soldier', Michael. Recommending that book was like the first thing Sarah said to me. I defy you to stop reading it. The minute I get some extracurricular reading time I'm going to hit another Helprin book.

I think (I'm not sure and am too lazy to go look) that I get to start on Marx-Engels (and Rerum Novarum) for history and I read Crime and Punishment for Literature (which I've already read, I'm wondering whether or not I should read it again). It's an amazing quarter, I can't wait to get started.

Yeah, let's just say the authors of the federalists were gravely mistaken about a great many things..


psst.. It wasn't really getting boring, I just said that to make him feel welcome back. ;-)

I kan tolk reel good, an I ken spel reel nise too, see? ;-)

I'll try to think of a name. If anyone doesn't know my email yet it's: or

Publius said...

umm if y'all wanna use a song title that would be fine, off the top of my head:

A Day In The Life
A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (a bit pessimistic, but hey)
The Times They Are A-Changing
Presence of The Lord
Knockin' on Heaven's Door
All Along The Watchtower (j/k)
The Dangling Conversation
Come Together
Michael's favorite: Imagine ;-) (jk)

Or for O'Conner, what about "A Circle in the Fire"? Or if our 'lingo' is any indication maybe we should use "Good Country People." ;-)

Just some stuff unintelligable stuff that popped into my head...

Michael's favorite: Imagine ;-)

Publius said...

Sorry for the triple post, but guess what:

I just got off the phone with Mr. Daly, and I've been accepted to TAC! I'm pretty giddy right now...

Publius said...

Lady Brungardt the Younger emailed me with these suggestions for a blog name as well:

Outside the Lines------Frantic Serenity

If people want to do a song title-

Somewhere in Between

Between Unsure and a Hundred

The Sound of Silence

Sporticus said...

I pick sound of silence. Not only is it a good Simon and Garfunkel tune, but we're making "sounds" by writing.
I dunno. sounds good to me, what does everyone say?

Congrats on getting accepted, John!

Publius said...

I concur, so since it was Virginia's idea we only have to wait for Sarah to approve...

Thanks man, I'm so excited about it...

riskitall said...

hey guys-
Do you really like that? I don't know... I know I suggested it, but, maybe we should think it up ourselves. I don't know. We can always change it I guess (although that's a pain.)
I want something that's our own and that really clicks.

Riskitall shall return...

Publius said...

It doesn't really matter to me guys, I'm too uncreative to think of something cool. If something outstanding should strike me I will inform you, but otherwise I will leave it to the three of you.

Pax Vobiscum, John

Brownthing said...

An outsider's opinion finds "the sound of silence" an extrememly appropriate piece of nomenclature for your you just hope nobody else has had both the insiration and initiative to employ said title themselves...insofar as the URL is concerned, anway.

*bows and departs*

seacb said...

John, congratulations on getting in to TAC. I'll probably be seeing you there, if UD or CUA don't win me over.

'The Sound of Silence' or 'Sound of Silence' or 'Sounds of Silence'? That's a cool idea, though I kind of agree with Jen that it would be more original and unique to think of something ourselves. But if everyone is cool with the other thing, that's great.

I know the comment page is getting long; I'll try to figure out a new post pretty soon.

Publius said...

Thanks Sarah, I hope you end up there, it'd be good to see you again. :-)

I think it'll be a lot of fun once we get this thing started...

Peace to y'all!


riskitall said...

Ok guys- someone needs to buckle down and decide a name! We can't all be like "oh, that's fine. Whatever you want..." COME ON! Michael, you should decide since this was your idea!

*calms down and smiles innocently*

How was everyone's weekend?

Sporticus said...

How's about Soldiers of the War!

I say go for it!

seacb said...

Hey, I love it! Either that or 'Soldiers of the Great War,' because the Great War is (besides WWI), in a sense, life itself. But just '...the War' is also awesome.

Great idea.

Sporticus said...

Actually Soldiers of the Great War was my first choice, I just didn't think you guys would want to use the exact name.

Publius said...

Hey that's awesome! You've got my vote. Enjoying the book are we Michael?


Froggy said...

*applause from the peanut gallery*