Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Check This Out

Here's the new official website of my all-time favorite (and the world's best) writer, Mark Helprin.


John said...

Have you read Freddy and Fredericka yet Sarah?

seacb said...

Absolutely. I got it the day it came out. : )


John said...

LOL, how does it compare with his others? I think I'm going to read "Refiner's Fire" next as soon I can find the time.

Pax, John H.

riskitall said...

Good gosh Sarah, not that pic of me!
I have major catch up work! Well, hello all! I can't wait for Christmas! So, Merry Christmas all!

Ok, how cool is it that MY dad was on Zenit???? Ummm, WAY COOL! It was brilliant!
I love all the song selections, duh, 'cause I helped choose them!
Well, don't care 'bout all y'all 'cause I'm being in the online school of community! Yeah, so, THERE!
WEll, I'll sign off! Peace and merry x-mas!
(I love exclamation points! They help me... exclaim things!)

John said...

Well hello and Merry Christmas to you as well Virginia. :-)

It's pretty awesome that YOUR dad was on Zenit too. ;-)

Well I think an online school of community would be fun too.

I hope y'all have a great and blessed Christmas, Peace of Christ!

Pax, John

Bernadette said...

Hey everyone! Just wanted to wish y'alls a very blessed and merry Christmas! God bless!

P.S. Pardon me, but what's school of community?