Sunday, June 18, 2006

Seniors' Wisdom

I asked some of my fellow seniors to say the most important thing they have learned these past four years, and what advice they would give to other graduates. Here are some quotes from a few graduating high school seniors of 2006:

"Never be afraid to ask for help right away... procrastinating only makes the problem worse."

"Wow, the most important thing? Hmmm...I guess, after watching classmate after classmate freak out under various pressures related to school (college, grades, tests, essays, etc.), I would say that the most important thing I've learned is not to worry so much because everything WILL work itself out eventually."

"I have learned so much about myself and about life during high school!
First, that God has a plan for me and his grace is always moving in my life, whether I see it or not.
Second, that even if other people think I'm working too hard or I'm trying to do something that is nearly impossible, I can still do it, because I can push myself.
Third, we can't relive the good times we have had, but all of our experiences combine to make us who we are.
Fourth, we can't be afraid of what God really wants us to do!
and finally, always have a smile outside and inside, and a sense of humor!"

"To my fellow graduates and to those who still have some high school years left:
First, stay true to yourself. Many people say this today but very few know what it means or take it seriously. God created you as a unique individual and as such you are different from each and every other human being on this planet living now or ever before. Since this is the case you should never comform to what others think about what you should like, how you should behave, speak, or think simply because it happens to appeal to some sense of temporary popularity.
Second, develop your talents that God gave you. No matter what it is, you have been gifted with an exceptional ability in some arena of activitiy, whether it be music, writing, speaking, organizing or whatever it may be. Be like the servant who took the talents from his master and multiplied them ten-fold and not like the servant who buried his talent because he was ashamed of it. God will expect you to make use of the abilities you have been given as he will make you accountable for how you have used them on judgement day.
Third, I simply advise to pray hard and often for the grace to discern God's will in your life and the courage to accept it with obedience."

"I'd say the most important thing that I learned in high school is the importance of family. Friends may come and go, but your family will always be your family. My advice? Make the most of the time you have left at home, and don't work too hard!"

And as for me, something I have learned is how many angels dance on the head of a pin: all of them. (Only Jen might get that.) : )

The advice I would give is that it is not enough merely to survive. We must live the drama of our existence, battling the nothingness that tempts us to stop living and merely survive. We must live, announcing the Presence which moves us to action, and seek every moment the One who is our Destiny. To live the moment in His Presence is the most important thing.

To all the graduates of 2006 (8th grade, high school, and college): Congratulations! The best of luck to all of you wherever you are and wherever you may go.

God Bless.


Nicole said...

hey sarah! I just NOW found your blog, i didn't even know you all had blogs... i feel so in the dark! I'm so excited you are going to UD! well, i'll see you friday at the picnic, right?

seacb said...

hi nicole! i'm excited about UD too...yeah, i'll see you at the picnic...and the baseball game?