Friday, November 04, 2005

These Days...

First order of business...I have been accepted into that most prestigious and exalted of colleges, TAC. For those of you who don't know what the heck I'm talking about go here. After my initial leaps of joy and flurry of emails and phone calls, the full realization of how hard I still have to work to actually go there hit me. But I welcome the work and I'm savoring every minute of my senior year.

Tonight we went to a chili dinner and square dance at our church. The chili was really hot, as in spicy, but since the weather was pretty cool, it worked. The dance was hilarious fun, and, as usual, it turned into a sort of "battle of the squares." But everyone caught on really quickly and we all looked like pros. Besides Jen, Joe, Mike, and myself, there were some cool WSU students in our group: Maggie, Amy, Brian, Brandon, and another girl whose name I can't remember. If you're familiar with square dancing you're probably wondering why there's more than eight people. Jen and I and Amy traded places, because there weren't enough people for another whole square. So the entire evening was fabulous, and we've decided that next time we'll do swing dancing....

For any of you who care about my current reading, I've decided to put Don Q on hold for a while, until I finish some scholarship essays at least. Instead I'll be reading The Seven Storey Mountain, by Thomas Merton. At dinner we've been reading parts of Anna Karenina, by Leo Tolstoy. Right now we're in the middle of Kitty and Levin's wedding. It's reminding me of the story Emad told us at School of Community about his brother's wedding a few weeks ago. How they're running everywhere trying to find a shirt, while in Emad's case it was a suit for his dad. But I digress.

I hope you're all doing well!

Life is Beautiful

God Bless


John (Hall) said...

Once again, congrats on the acceptance Sarah!


Sporticus said...

I didn't know that TAC was the most exalted and prestigious school. :~+


seacb said...

Ever heard of sarcasm? But I'm sure it's right up there... : )

Thanks, everyone.

Sporticus said...


Noli said...

hey, TAC is prestigious! The average SAT is in the top 10, I think...or maybe it was number 12...of all Liberal Arts Colleges. And it's extremely well known among the Catholic community as an excellent school, which I think counts as prestige. :)
Although I know what you meant. It doesn't have that sort of in, I've only met one non-Catholic or non-intellectual-circle person who had ever heard of it, and that was my chiropractor who adjusts the backs of most of the tutors there.

Sporticus said...

Hey Hey Hey,
TAC is a great school.'s one of the top liberal arts school in the US. I think as it goes on it will continue to receive more and more recognition. To a certain extent though, it's good for a good school to be under the radar sometimes. that's a little redundant.