Wednesday, August 24, 2005


"Freedom is the most precious gift that Heaven has bestowed upon men."

-Don Quixote

"Freedom is the energy to adhere to the real, to being. It is adhering to something other than yourself that completes you, makes you grow, builds and fulfills your person."

-Fr. Luigi Giussani

Freedom, which must adhere to the good, the true, and the beautiful present among us, is found only in Christ, the source and summit of our lives. Only in abandoning everything to him can we truly be free, and only in searching for the good, the true, and the beautiful in reality and our encounters with others will we find Christ.


riskitall said...

Hi Sarah!
I know, I keep posting on your blog. I love what we read last night (which you quoted on your post)! It was SO CL!!!!

I hope you keep on posting, as I will keep on commenting.
(Ya, dat be true.)

JB said...


I bought a copy of DQ. It's outrageous massive.

I'm looking forward to reading it now.

riskitall said...

Yo jb... glad it's outrageous, alright, alright. DQ (no not Dairy Queen) looks good.

Remember the 'Wishbone' episode they did? and butchered it? Yeah, great memories.

Are my comments too long?

seacb said...

No comment is too long!

Thanks everyone,


riskitall said...

Yeah, guess who's back. But hey! How can I resist such a freeing blog? Please! Tell me!

(sarah- I really want to have that barn dance!!!)

JB said...

Why an A-flat?

Sporticus said...

peace y'all!
This is michael (h.).
What's happenin'.
Nice blog, Sarah! how's it goin' John?
Reading Dante Inferno right now. It's a bit of an adjustment. He doesn't write like Homer, Virgil, or Baldwin.
I still like it though. I'm reading History of the Franks by St. Gregory of Tours for History. It rocks!
Favorite subject so far: College Algebra
How 'bout you guys?
Sorry if this comment is too long.
John...what's your email address?

Anonymous said...

Kudos Sarah!

Publius said...
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Publius said...